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    • 12生肖的”動物聲音”英文

      1.老鼠: 吱吱叫--- squeak; with a long thin tail 2.牛:哞---moo 3.虎 :吼---roar;large fierce...whinny;with a flowing mane and tail, used for riding on 8.羊---咩咩----baaah 9.猴子--- ji ji; tree-climbing animal 10...

    • 短文中翻英~請不要用字典翻 急需 <20點>

      ... in, the floor even made a loud squeaking sound, not only I found numerous scratch marks but also dirt which can’t be removed on it. The wall looked like it has...

    • 關於小說中的聲響效果,如何使用呢?

      ...chiar gave a groan when the fat woman sat down on it. howls:The wind howled in the...笑聲) He gave a shriek of terror. squeakssqueaky clean=very clean (想像一下指甲劃過玻璃的聲音...