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    • 英翻中,關於水文學的文章

      ...的大小及延期決定了相對各組成現象的重要性 During storm events , evaporation and transpiration may be minor considerations , for example , but during rain-free periods , evapotranspiration becomes a dominant feature...

    • 急救~~分詞構句 act, I behaved of my own free will. 2.The bridge was no longer... bridge was weakened by successive storms. => (As) being weakened by...

    • 問一些英文單字片語與翻譯

      ...場會議的目的是選一位新的主席 『Because of the storm,the pilot was forced to make an emergincy ...飛行員被迫緊急降落 『We should have the right to be free from fear.』 我們應該擁有免於恐慌的權利