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    • 問幾句英文句子(片語)??

      1.take up arms: to prepare for war; go to war. ex. to take up arms against the enemy. 準備開戰 或 參加戰爭 的意思 例句: 準備對敵營開戰...

    • 英文高手請進 !!!翻譯有二十點喔 :)

      ... he had made on the boy's arms. As expected, the boy developed...but many others accused him of taking too great a risk. Jenner 當時已準備做第二...

    • 短片英文逐字稿

      ...27 補充: Does he think he can take me? I don't think so...'m gonna break your arm, punk! Come on. Get mad... was great. Pay up now. Money, please. How...