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  1. in the limelight

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    • 1. 引人注目 Some people are never happy unless they are in the limelight showing off. 有些人不在眾人面前炫耀一番就會覺得不愉快。



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    • 請問 不甘寂寞 的英文要怎麼說?

      您好 有以下說法: unwilling to keep oneself mute unwilling to live in obscurity unwilling to be overlooked unwilling to remain out of the limelight eager to seek publicity unwilling to be left in cold 或最簡單你就說: unwilling to be quiet.

    • 請問以下英文單字的意思?

      ...2. 擺臭架子。He was allowed to swagger and bluster and take the limelight without a word of reproach. 他可以擺臭架子、欺負別人以及出風頭,卻未曾挨過一...

    • 緊急!請英文高手幫我中翻英!給20點喔 rookie more actively even more, nearly every actress that cooperate with him can in the limelight. Meanwhile he runs the Wang 's of the comedy even, let a group...