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    • 請問”畢卡索”的英文是??

      ...人快樂 from the bottom (depths) of (one's) heart 真心地, 衷心地 have (one's) heart in (one's) mouth 深為驚恐; 焦慮 have (one's) heart in the right place 善意的 heart and soul 完全...

    • 中文成語翻英文 愈多愈好 謝謝 15點

      安分守己Know one's distance./Know where to draw a line. 按部就班In apple-pie order./A place...if butter would not melt in one's mouth. 宅心仁厚Have one's heart in the right place. 債台高築...

    • 請告訴我一些片語的解釋

      1.down in the mouth 沮喪 2.born with a silver spoon in someone's mouth 出生顯赫,生在富貴人家 word of mouth...mouth water 饞得直流口水 5. someone's heart is in someone's mouth 十分焦急...