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    • 英文高手幫忙!!急!say與about 還有speak

      ...飛機即將起飛。) [語法] be about to + V...tomorrow, next month 等。 3 . speak 意思 : vi ,vt [pt. spoke... can read and write quite well, but they can't speak...speak of 意思 : 談論, 提及 ( = talk about ) 例 : There...

    • How to be an English teacher?

      When we talk about the proficiency of english, generally we'll regard listening, speaking, reading and writing including the ...know english is all about a certain type of life and culture...

    • 為何不用write 而用say

      ...方式讓專欄來[述說]意見(to say something to us),比用[寫]的(to write something to us)要合適。 to speak of/about需要介系詞(指的是主題) to talk on/about也需介系詞(也是指主題)