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  1. (as) happy as a clam (at high tide)

    • ph.
      extremely happy
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    • 急需:幫我改英文作文

      ... outside the restroom. They were very happy together because the guy always manage to make the girl very...quot;sweet" words. The girl was as happy as a clam. We felt very glad for them. ...

    • 有些英文填空不會寫 請幫忙^^

      1. clam 她開心的不得了 2. cat 他焦躁不安 3. X 別再吃垃圾食物了!妳已經...

    • 求救英文高手幫我翻譯文章唷! 20點^^

      ... boyfriend used a branch and worte '' HAPPY BIRTHDAY '&...sleep, or take a bath and try to clam down myself then think relax myself temporaraily as well. However, the...