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    • various和different的區別?

      ...phonetics] verb [I/T] to change or be different, esp. from one occasion to another or from one item to another...different than it is at home. Emily is entirely different from her sister. difference [Show phonetics...

    • 詢問be different from的用法

      *be different from要接"受格"對嗎 對 me 跟 I 基本上都可以 而 They are different from ""us"" **另有關於start的用法的疑問...

    • 幫解釋這段文法 what i thought it

      Taipei is much different from what I thought it would be like. 【問題1... (that) it would be like 是「名詞子句」, 當做 be different from 的受詞 (2) (that) it would be like當做 thought的受詞...