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  1. be popular with

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    • 1. 受某人的歡迎 Skiing and fishing are very popular with many students. 滑雪和釣魚很受許多學生的歡迎。
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    • why Jazz music is popular

      When I listen to Jazz, I can feel more comfortable than I listen to heavy mental. According to my English teacher, people in America like Jazz very very much. 'Coz it can help they to relax. No matter a guitar player, a rock singer or...

    • 請幫我解釋一下這兩句的文法怎麼變成的

      1.He is popular with ladies,though not,perhaps,among men. 受女生喜愛,雖或者可以說...因為後面的"he is not popular"跟前段的"He is popular",除了"not"之外,其他都是重覆的,因此把這些都省略了,就變成...

    • (急 !!) 英文句子翻譯 中翻英 贈20點 句子 翻譯

      Now some partial people all very are popular to puncture blue, moreover very many people also all have...thing, but causes to puncture the blue present to be popular between the common young people, even the age big 1. people...