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    • 英文達人請近

      ...ex: She felt sick , but despite this she went to work. (不是 despite of this) *in spite of 和 despite 後面必須用名詞、代名詞( this/ that / what 等), 或-ing。 ex: In...

    • 連接詞用法

      ... still love you. Despite is the same as in spite of. Note that we say 'in spite of, but despite (without 'of'):• She wasn't well, but despite this she ...

    • anyhow 與However差異

      ...1. in whatever way ( 任何方法 ) -------連接詞 I am going by car but you can go however you like. 2. In spite of that, anyway ( 盡管、不顧、雖然 ) He told me not to buy it, but...