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  1. (up) to the nines

    • ph.
      to a great or elaborate extent
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    • Dressed up to the nines?

      dressed up to the nines  :  If you're 'dressed to the nines...得漂漂亮亮、光鮮亮麗,叫做”dressed up to the nines”。有人考證,說nines其實是eyes古字...

    • 幫忙翻譯mail...感恩

      ...fortable hitting the town in a pair of jeans as well as dressing up to the nines for some fancy dinner. 我能在烤架上煎出棒極了的牛排,或做一盤令人激賞的鮭魚...

    • I _______Taichung up to the ..

      1.I _______Taichung up to the present.到目前為止,我還沒有去過台中 a.had...visit 2.By next May they_____the bridge for nine months.到明年五月為止,這橋就己經蓋了九...