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  1. — a treat

    • ph.
      used to indicate that someone or something does something specified very well or satisfactorily
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    • it's more of a treat?

      ... to be healthy, is it? In my mind, it’s more of a treat. 我實際上是喜歡每樣都來一點的,中國菜,印度菜,泰國菜等等,以及老式做法的...

    • 請問下列英文翻譯與結構分析

      ... beverages and fine dining is going down a treat with local dogs and their owners alike. 這醉人的酒飲加上...

    • 中翻英、一些單字怎麼念

      ...] 1. 請客 It's my treat. 我請客。 2. 難得的樂事 It's a great treat for them to go to the theater. 他們去看戲真是樂事。 For dessert we...