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    stand up and be counted

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    • count,arithmetic

      First, "arithmetic" and "count" have different syntactical functions. "count" can be used...multiplication, and division. It is part of mathematics subjects. "count" is an action of counting or a total obtained by counting...

    • 請問be counted in是什麼意思?

      ...原則的人。如果他覺得某件事不是很公正,他會為此挺身表示意見。 stand up and be counted是句片語 表示:為...挺身而出 常見於各種表示言論的文章或標語中 2006-09-08...

    • ADELE - Skyfall 中文翻譯

      ... is the end, Hold your breath and count to ten. 已到盡頭 屏住呼吸 十秒臨界 Feel...天崩地裂 We will stand tall 我們將屹立山巔 And face it all together 攜手面對這一切 At ...