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  1. — is one thing, — is another

    • ph.
      used to indicate that the second item mentioned is much more serious or important than the first, and cannot be compared to it
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    • 英文 簡單文法與翻譯

      ... another.(翻譯 文法) 說是一回事,做又是另一回事---A is one thing, B is another.---A與B是兩回事. To know is one thing and to teach is...

    • 有誰知道這句話真的要表達的意思阿 culture is on

      Culture is one thing and varnish is another. 這句話要表達的意思嗎?應該是指:任何事...24:02 補充: Evelyn:You seem to be an onlooker. 2008-11-10 08:31:51 補充: 我這位...

    • 英文選擇題的答案與詳解

      To say is one thing, and to do is quite _____. (A) one another (B) the other (C) any other... three pens just now. One is red, another is blue, and the other is...