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  1. ちゅうかでんしん【中華電信】

    • hiragana[ちゅうかでんしん]
    • Chunghwa Telecom.
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    • 中華電信英文題目 求解

      你的題目有錯字和漏字,我把它補上。 1 __ one wait for too long to say something nice to their loved ones 1 Not can 2 Either can 3 If no one can 4 Never can 這是考否定副詞 never(從不)、barely (幾乎不)、seldom (很少)、not only (非但)、 only...

    • 請大家給我以下手機通訊公司的〝英文〞

      中華電信 Chunghwa Telecom(簡稱CHT)遠傳電信 FarEasTone...台灣大哥大 Taiwan Mibole和信電訊 KGT Telecom泛亞電信 TransAsia Telecommunications東信電訊 MOBITAI ...

    • 中華電信英文求觧答

      1 As the leader of democratic,the United States is expected to _ commitments to human rights and democracy 1 honor 2 violate be expectd to honor 翻譯? 美國被寄予厚望會尊重(人權和民主) 2 Today,s worker need to have many strong _ in order to...