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    • 新年 英文詞句的翻譯文

      ...除夕,回家與家人共享團圓飯。在吃完晚餐後,家長與長輩發紅包給孩子們。此外,家長們在除夕當晚鼓勵孩子們睜大眼睛...煙火 Couplets:對聯 Red envelope:紅包 (2)Sentence Pattarns 句型 ...

    • 請幫我把這幾段英文翻譯成中文(關於新年的)

      Near the end of the Lunar New Year holidays, during this period, not only by the warm atmosphere of the Festival that was filled with the pipeline and the rest of the streets and alleys. This is my home, every...