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    • 中翻英這篇文章~(10點)

      Xie Chang Ting is a Taiwanese politician. He was born in the Yanping sector of Taipei, Taiwan. As one of the founding members of the Democratic Progressive...

    • 英翻中 一篇文章

      ...發票的使用詢問。 這大怒中國。 它和馬希望先生在於即將要來的這各種各樣選舉︰在今年結束時的台北和高雄市長的, 在2007年後期的立法的投票和在2008年的總統選舉, 先生陳不得不走down...

    • 請參考下方的中文,幫我校正英文文法

      Hau lung-bin gained/obtain/get the capacity to run for(競選) the election of mayor in Taipei.His competitor was unsatysfied with the result and offered an issue whicn there are many unfair things in the process of the election. Ting shou-chung suspect...