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    • 作文:我的寒假生活

      ...了。 早上醒來後,車子已在路上了,不久就到了目的地台東,我們一路開向台東知本, ○○大飯店的大溫泉池,哇!果真有名,飯店內有大眾溫泉池、養生池、按摩池...等,池池...

    • 幫忙翻譯 勿用線上翻譯 或軟體翻 徵英文高手

      East comes to Taiwan Tang Zhiben the hotel, may enjoy the nature to the nearby Wuling green tunnel, makes the forest bathing also to be possible to visit Taiwan indigenous people - cloth agriculture race the tribe, has a look at place which the...

    • (英文)旅遊

      ...what about the 3rd day? 我們去玩水上活動,香蕉船、水上摩托車、浮淺, 晚上就住台東知本飯店 we will go for water activities, banana boat, water motorcycle, and snorkeling...