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  1. 地下水
    ZHUYIN[ㄉㄧˋㄒㄧㄚˋㄕㄨㄟˇ] PINYIN[dixiashui]
    • 1. [Geography] groundwater

    • groundwater
    • underground water pollution; groundwater contamination
    • groundwater recharge (the natural process of infiltration and percolation of rainwater from land areas or streams through permeable soils into water-holding rocks that provide underground storage)
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    ground water / underground water 兩者都是地下水的意思,後者用under有較為強調地下的意思在 另外,ground解釋為地面的...

    20點-急需翻譯-拜託高手幫幫忙(有關地下水的原文) geochemical data. 前所述明,經由化學計量分析及地質化學的資料顯示,樣本之地下水中苯化合物的涵容能力為18 690 pg1-l(表五)。 Since the highest...

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