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    • 辦公室清潔公告中翻英

      更正翻譯內容: 辦公室將進行為期兩天的地毯清潔活動 The office carpet is to be professionally... from easy access. 3.各主管辦公室如需清潔地毯,請在下班後勿將房門上鎖,HR在活動結束後...

    • 英文翻譯 關於消毒清潔

      the company is going to run the regular disinfection of the carpet. please do not keep the office door locked so that staffs (staves) can get inside cleaning.

    • 中翻英 請幫忙翻譯下列文章

      our hotel will carry out a routine capet-cleaning on May 25th, and the beer time from 9:30 ~12:00 will suspend at one time. We are apologize for any inconvenient and thank you for cooperation. 自己翻的, 不是很好,請見諒唷