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    • pinying[Zhang1 Hui4 mei4]
    • A-Mei, aka Gulilai Amit (1972-), aboriginal Taiwanese pop singer
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    • 麻煩翻譯 張惠妹 Don't Sail Away

      此翻譯歌詞轉自EMI張惠妹討論區jessechi Don't Sail Away 別離開我 Alone...

    • 張惠妹 我要快樂歌詞的意思

      在一個夜晚.... 張惠妹 失眠了 感到很無助 於是打給以前在豐華唱片合作很久的 鄔裕康...他說再這樣一個夜晚裡她感到很無助 於是 鄔裕康 老師 便寫下當時 張惠妹 的心情寫照 這首歌也讓大家知道了....成名真的就快樂嗎? 所追求的是什麼...

    • [中翻英歌詞]張惠妹-人質

      I and you have one kind of danger to relate each other to hold under duress this another part from this to think this integrity has loved definition that little darling's protection you Falls in love turns the suspecion suspicion the rotten game rule is must suppress the breath more to depend on more nearly...