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    • 閩南語的讀音啦

      ...的時, 因為他不會自動變調, 因此對母語為台語的人聽起來就聽成貨車. 3. 因此, 彭政閔拼音拼本調就是Phenn5 Tsing3-bin2, 拼變調的方式就為Phenn7...

    • 請各位大大幫我矯正直接中翻英的文法好嗎?

      My dream is let myself concentrating on everything, likes Li Wen Su,she concentrate upon the taekwondo, even if she got hurt or fell down between the game ,she still crawled up and continued to finish the game...

    • [英文]請幫我翻譯成英文

      I'm going to talk about today is my favorite Brother Elephants I like the Brother Elephants because they are most people in Taiwan support the team Although the Brother Elephants...