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    • pinying[Heng2 shan1 xiang1]
    • Hengshan township in Hsinchu county 新竹縣;新竹县[Xin1 zhu2 xian4], northwest Taiwan
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    • 請把這些地址英文翻成中文

      新竹縣橫山鄉力行村中山街367號 台北市文山區木柵路三段85巷23弄16號8樓 原文地址有誤參考實際地名修正 上述的地址應該沒錯 (這是實際上有的門牌)

    • 全台各地英文名子

      ... Township 芎林鄉 Cyonglin Township 橫山鄉 Hengshan Township 北埔鄉 Beipu Township 2008...

    • 麻煩幫我翻譯一下...中翻英...內灣 南庄

      1.Gulf village in the affiliated horizontal mountain area of Hsinchu county of interior gulf, it is the railway station of interior gulf to be with deep impression, and Hakkas' simple and unsophisticated room and quiet small town leisurely, the interior gulf of today, vacation a sea of people, the...