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  1. CEDict


    • pinying[Wang2 Xin1 ling2]
    • stage name of Cyndi Wang;see 王君如[Wang2 Jun1 ru2]
  2. 知識+

    • 王心凌-當你

      我覺得應該是ㄉㄤㄉ音吧~ 她會這樣唱可能是爲了要加重語音 來提醒大家~

    • 王心凌"當你"歌詞。中翻英

      If have one day I get back to the past Get back to most primitive me Whether you will think me good If have one day I leave you remotly Can't make an appointment with you again Whether you will discover that I have already...

    • 王心凌這就是愛MV 日文

      跑去哪不知道...應該是要表現在愛情中追逐的感覺.... 好きだよ(喜歡....ずっと(一直.... 這兩句是"永遠愛你"的意思....