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  1. 看護

    • zhuyin[ㄎㄢㄏㄨˋ]
    • pinyin[kanhu]
    • to look after the sick; to take care of; to attend on (or to); to nurse; to watch over;a nurse; a hospital nurse
    • 相關詞
    • care-giver; care giver

    • 更多解釋
    • pinying[kan1 hu4]
    • to nurse

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  2. 知識+

    • 鐘點看護 鐘點計價

      鐘點看護 hourly health aide, hourly personal attendant, hourly home attendant 鐘點計價 paid by hour 鐘點清潔 hourly cleaner 外籍看護 foreign health aide, foreign personal attendant, foreign home attendant 2010-08-15 08:27...

    • Certified Care Worker是不是看護的意思?

      ...證照的 Certified Care Worker即指"具合法證照"之看護也 圖片參考:超級巨星...

    • 看護婦的平假名怎麼寫

      かんごふ 看護婦 以後你可以按完之後案空白鍵來檢視有沒有看護婦的漢字即可