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    • 翻譯歌詞為英文~ 趙詠華~ 相見太晚

      ... for each other, we just couldn't get it right. 不忍看你那麼辛苦 我所能為你做 只有默默 祝你幸福 To free you from the suffering, I could but pray out of your sight. 如果相見不會太晚 我們就不會悲傷 Had we met earlier, we'd hardly be sad, would we, 和你堂堂手牽手 心裡不會有愧 Walking hand in hand, guilt free. 如果相見不會太晚 我們就不會遺憾 Had we met earlier, there'd be no regret, would there? 快快樂樂不會糾纏 過得好簡單 Far from complicated we'd live, enjoying such a simple fair.