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    • 請幫我把這些句子翻譯成中文?

      ...16. Here's your copy of credit card voucher. 這是你(您)的信用卡簽帳單(影本)。 17. Here are your receipt and change. 這是你(您)的...

    • 可以請英文高手幫我翻釋一下嗎~

      ... Express to pay for this? 如果可以的話也請回傳信用卡的簽帳單給我 If I can pay by AE, please send me the credit card...

    • 安全付款系統

      Declined. = 就是這筆交易遭到拒絕授權了Sorry this transaction has been declined by your card issuer. =很抱歉,這筆交易已經遭到您的信用卡公司拒絕授權No further information was passed to WorldPay as part of...