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    • 美女與野獸 歌詞翻譯(英譯中) 急急急!!!15點唷~~

      ...time(M) Song as old as rhyme(B)  Beauty and the beast美女與野獸        席琳狄翁 & 彼柏布萊森(女)和歲月一樣古老的故事...

    • Beauty And The Beast 歌詞翻譯 ~10點

      Beauty And The Beast 美女與野獸 Tale as old as time 如時間般亙古的童話故事 old as rhyme 那旋律如歌曲般古老 Beauty and the beast 美女 野獸

    • 中翻英(美女與野獸的大意)

      Before Bella's father went on a long journey, he asked his daughters what would they want for their presents, both older sisters wanted a luxury dress and chocolate, but the youngest daughter, Bella...