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    • 中翻英, 關於貿易的信函(很短) 20點感謝!

      我來幫你吧~ 樓上的寫法是比較學術英文的翻譯, 一般貿易的英文有一點點不同 Regarding to the problem of forwarder...

    • 英文翻譯一段:關於請求幫忙處理美國內陸運送問題,進行的如何?

      對於我們請求你們幫忙處理美國內陸運送的問題及總費用USDxxxx 包含你們代我們至Ba公司取貨的運送費用,從7/20來信至今未收到回覆,不知你們的決定如何? 若是我們的要求有任何的疑慮或困難,也請及早讓我們...will lead to our long-term cooperation without a doubt! 2012-07-27 18:55:47 補充: 因有字數限制,將分兩段,請您自行合併 With reference to our request in helping with the inland delivery problem in the United ...

    • 請將下列中文翻譯成英文,謝謝唷!

      Please arrange the delivery with the following address and hand the packing list to the delivery driver to us. By the way, let us know about the name of the trucking company with your kindness.Furthermore, we can shipped your order to...