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    • 花蓮3天行程...達人幫忙

      ...問詳島家 有任問題都可以問喔~部落格網站是: 花蓮住宿\計程車、九人座包車\票劵部分 你也可以問詳島家 這裡有花蓮台東景點...

    • ”鐵路中斷”等中翻英

      The itinerary you requested has been roughly planned. The railway from Taitung to Kaohsiung has been partly suspended due to a typhoon, therefore, you have to transfer to a bus in part of the route. In addition...

    • 很急~英文翻譯 送20點

      ...have spent more time on leisure activities. 近年來花蓮觀光越來越盛行,而來花蓮觀光的旅客所選擇住宿的地方不單只有飯店或旅館而已, In recent years, Hualien...