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    • 急,求日文翻譯 中譯日 !!!

      ...クな列車をデザインして乗客のニーズに応じて提供します。 而臺灣鐵路鐵道局是臺灣唯一鐵道公司、規模最大的鐵路業者,簡稱臺鐵。 臺灣鐵道,目前營運...

    • 請幫我翻譯成這些句子成英文可以嗎?謝謝

      1.We try to categorize city in can be operated of artificial affairs with can't be operated of the natural affairs takes in to recognize by the logic analysis 2.Way set to make use of up logic to push variety of playing the city space, find out from...