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    • 高手幫我翻譯這段"我的興趣"英文感恩 感恩!

      In the life each age level will have not too same interest, but the interest will have the change along with the person thing all around, Also remembered that in childhood I to raised the micro-organism to be interested very much, the birds mouse rabbit I quite like, I...

    • 請問下,有何名句呢?

      ...)這個字從後面倒著拼回來而己。---「抗壓高手」布蘭。路西華德(Brian Luke Seaward...更好.---9/19/2000 * 「人在危難時,才會反省自己。」---電影「江湖告急」編劇陳嘉慶---9/15/2000 * 刀要石磨,人要...