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    • 高手請進~狄更斯作品英翻中

      ...(1859)→雙城紀 9.Great Expectations(1860-1861)→遠大前程(電影譯為烈愛風雲) 10.Our Mutual Friend(1864-1865)→我們共同的朋友

    • 高手幫忙翻成英文~~急用!

      Created together by two cartoonists at the beginning. The story was written under the care of Jerry Siegel in 1938, Joe Shuster was responsible for the part of the caricature These decades, go through...

    • 求英文翻譯 幾個問答題答案中翻英

      1.Where are some of the reasons that this film is chosen as the most inspiring film? A:, because the tactics that the director shoots are quite good. It come not elaborating the Georges kind for protagonist,let...