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  1. willed

    • KK[wɪld]
    • DJ[wild]


    • adj.
    • 相關詞
    • comb.
    • aux.
      (表示單純的將來)將 He will be home at six. 他六點回家。
    • vt.
      用意志力使,主觀促成[O2][+(that)] I tried with all my might to will him to say no. 我竭盡全力想使他說不。
    • vi.
    • n.
      意志,毅力;自制力[C][U] Jim has a strong will. 吉姆是個意志堅強的人。
    • adj.
      願意的,樂意的[F][+to-v][+that] They are willing to come. 他們願意來。
    • n.
    • aux.
      the results will be announced on Monday 結果將在星期一宣布 she'll help you 她會幫你的
    • n.
      意志 to have a strong/weak will 意志堅強/薄弱 by an effort of will 用意志力
    • adv
      自由地 to come and go at will 來去自由 to fire at will 隨意開槍
    • vt.
      以意志力驅使 to will sb./sth. to do sth. 以意志力促使某人/某物做某事 to will sb.'s downfall 強烈希望某人垮臺
    • adj.
      樂意的 to be (more than) willing to do sth. (很)願意做某事 willing and able 願意並且有能力的
    • 將要,會


    • 願意的,情願的,樂意的


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