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    • 4 people they all fall in love

      .... That way you won't be hurt in the process and they will get tire later anyway and give...can't stop Lin from posting his love message on MySpace, you can't stop Crist...

    • 英文文法不會.五題-20點

      ...night。 這裡 late at night 是晚上很晚時,early in the morning 是早上很早時。 [4.fall in love with o.和be in love with o.差在哪?] fall in love with 是「愛上某人」, be in...

    • 有關英文句子改寫(一句改寫二次)

      ...uncle went overseas to work. (2)My uncle went to overseas work. 4.I think that Ian in love with her. (1)I think that Ian fall in love with her...