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    • 這段英文是說?

      ...第三次回到台灣,而且搬到中美洲的阿那罕姆市 2006 - 4th time went back to Taiwan and life goes...返台,就是現在了 2007-01-06 12:40:43 補充: electrical engineering 是電機工程,剛剛弄錯了,抱歉!

    • 急!請幫忙翻譯-英文.感謝!贈20點.

      ... should pay attention to 3rd, ERP control system 4th, the production craft flow (attaches each flow table list... to make the short-term commerce inspection Yu from Engineer Wu Jianfang to Shaw of ...

    • 歷史的英文解釋 English manufacturer and business partner of Scottish engineer James Watt. *馬修-波爾頓跟詹姆士-瓦特是蘇格蘭商場... was born c1819 in Ireland and died 4th Qtr.1889.