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  1. America

    • IPA[əˈmerəkə]


    • used as a name for the United States.;a landmass in the western hemisphere consisting of the continents of North and South America joined by the Isthmus of Panama.
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    • north America及northern America

      North America - 北美洲 northern America - 北方的美洲 the northern part of America...請注意加了的) 例句: He used to live in a small town of northern America. The Northern Part of 意思是 某個北邊的部份 (或地方...

    • Captain America翻譯問題

      ... Kirk 一樣。 1941 年出版的英雄漫畫把主角取名為 Captain American,就像在稱呼 Captain Kirk 一樣。 Captain America...

    • across America為什麼不能用around

      ...也可在那裡到處繞境趴趴走呀! 你當然可以說around America或 all around America的, 這片語甚至是比across...不是因為the world是圓的就只能用around 並不是因為America是平的就只能用across 知道了吧? 2009-01-30 23:28...