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  1. April fish

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    • 漁業相關英文翻譯..這句翻的OK嗎?

      ...如下更正: assuming they hatched in the second of the year (April to June) 「並假定它們已在當年四至六月的第二季產卵」 改成 「並假定...

    • 急!景點中翻英三句 請各位幫幫忙!

      ...only port on the island there are many restaurants near by and every April and May its the season for fish larvae harvesting Great white sand beach: this is the...

    • 英文句型寫作

      1. where the fish the old man stayed at my house next door. 2. The... are named after grandparents. 6. April Fool's Day is a fun day, everyone ...