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  1. Asians

    • Asian的名詞複數
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    • American Belief About Asians

      ... are some adjectives youthink of Asians?Broadly speaking, . some your child is going to marry an Asian American?If one day my child ...

    • Asian guys are on a roll 是什麼意思

      ... going great for Larry. He's on a roll now. 所以 Asian guys are on a roll >> 亞裔男士們正得意中; 運勢正好中...

    • Asian的發音

      [ˋeʃən] 這個是對的喔! 只是口語上大家習慣發[ʒ]的音 要說為甚麼也說不出來囉~~ 就像of這個字 音標是用[ 圖片參考: ] 可是大家都念ㄛ這個音一樣!