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    • 要中翻英喔~一個小故事

      ...the most happy ㄧ also day On alternate days..The boy walked.When his wife and children find hour.His on the face is beaming with smiles … 希望對你友幫助

    • 快~~~救我~~~我的英文作業

      ... 1.I love my mother. 2.She likes the handsome boy. 3.My grandfather forgets my name. 4.The sun beam the earth. 5.Paul heard the foghorn. @ S V to V...

    • 英文單字,字頭或字尾多個字母

      ...豌豆 peg 釘子.釘木於 pen 筆 pet 愛畜.寵兒town 城.城鎮beam 隊伍 bear 熊 beat 打bee 蜜蜂 bed 床ore 礦.礦石.礦砂...買 busy 忙.忙碌的for 為了 form 形式box 盒.箱.盒子 boy 男孩food 食物.材料 foot 腳.足部.步行安置 hood 連衣帽...