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  1. Because It's Time Network

    • n.
      = BITNet【電腦】由大型的IBM主機連結而成的國際學術網路
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    • n.
      = BITNet【電腦】由大型的IBM主機連結而成的國際學術網路
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    • Pls help correct my grammar.

      ...internet all day. He would stop them from using the computer, if they continue doing so. Tom and Lynn accepted their punishment because they knew their were wrong. They promised their father that they would never do it again. -The end- That's all for...

    • 有關電腦的影像存檔與通訊系統

      ...交換器,服務目的是散佈影像到 PACS 工作站, and it has no routing capability. 而它沒有路由能力...of the switch hierarchy to prevent and protect intrusion of unnecessary network traffic. 安全是部署在交換器最高層,防止和保護不必要的...

    • 可以幫我把 csae 英翻中嗎 ? 感謝 ...

      ...避免了中間商,ITC也得以與農人直接聯繫,更有效率(if ITC's soybean acquisition?) 為了還達到這樣的目標,不僅僅只是分佈電腦而已, 還要有防止...