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    • 前一,此前,以前,從前,早些時候在…以前,先于,早於在…以前
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    • 英文過去式-before和ago

      before 除了當adv外,還有介詞及連接詞的用法。 ago只有當副詞(adv)的用法。 以下是出自longman的解釋 ago, before, previously Use agoto say how much time has...have lived in Taipei since 20 years before (正確) 又在網路上看到一種說法,除了同意上面的二...

    • before及after的詳細用法

      before prep. (介係詞 preposition) 1. 在...以前 Only two days remained before the examination. 考前只剩下兩天了。 2. (指順序,重要性...never late before. 過去他從不遲到。 Have you two met before? 你們兩人以前見過面嗎? 3. 在前;向前 Several...

    • Before & After 分別

      Before they play, they went to the library. 在他們玩之前,他們去了圖書館 ... face after she brushed her teeth. 她在刷牙之後洗臉 Before Mom cleaned the kitchen, she cooked. 媽媽清理廚房以前烹飪...