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  1. best foreign-language film

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    • 用英文介紹海角七號

      ...'s entry to compete in the 81st Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 我只有PO出...

    • 拜託!英文解釋!簡單就好!急要!((15點

      ... money. They teach you on how to manage you money well. Department of Science科學系 know more clearly about geography. Department of Film電影系 In this department, we learn things about...

    • 請問電影和音樂的獎項,英文如何表達

      ... (最佳藝術指導) BEST PICTURE (最佳影片... (最佳紀錄短片) FILM EDITING (最佳剪輯) FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM (最佳外語片) ...