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  1. Bird-Loving Week

    • ph.
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    • 轉學考英文考古題~!!

      ...) the better 16. (A) book 17. (C) water 18. (C) birds 19. (C) free 20. (A) the more, the merrier 21. (D) ...

    • 南一英文課本第五冊第一課的Reading

      ...’ve been here for several weeks. I enjoy learning new...full of the sweet songs of birds and the wonderful smell of flowers... their fire for love. That was wonderful...

    • 有關聖經方面的問題 舊約 Acts20:7On the first day of the week, we gathered to observe the Lord's ...child, Hence, whole world is a big family, we must love & help each other, then we are the real christians...