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  1. British Library

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      the national library of Britain, containing the former library departments of the British Museum. The principal copyright library, it was established separately from the British Museum in 1972, and moved to a new headquarters in 1998.
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    • 急翻譯 關於the english language .

      SCOP S 故事 卡在英國圖書館,倫敦裡,Beowulf 正文的這開始頁現下取自正文(手稿參考,棉花Vitellius A。 xv ). 手稿是在c. 1000做的一個副本, 但是一向它射擊棉花在1731的圖書館,因此對頁的古怪的形狀損壞了。 詩人的名字,或者scop,那個...

    • 徵英文翻譯高手??

      1994初版 Walker Books 有限公司+出版公司的地址 文字:1994 Sam McBratney 插圖:1994 Anita Jeram 「Guess How Much I Love You」為倫敦Walker Books有限公司註冊商...

    • 英國與美國同義卻不同字

      ... 2. The differences between British and American Words 在網上搜尋,會出現幾...或 美式--->英式 2007-05-15 13:42:59 補充: