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  1. Broadway

    • IPA[ˈbrɔːdweɪ]


    • a street traversing the length of Manhattan, New York. It is famous for its theatres, and its name has become synonymous with show business.
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    • 百老匯的由來是什麼?

      Broadway: 1.A thoroughfare of New York, the longest street in the...on the West Side of midtown Manhattan centered on Broadway. Broadway是貫穿紐約市的一條大路, 主要的戲院以Broadway為...

    • 為何這裡用on呢?

      Broadway是貫穿紐約市的一條大路,也就是世界有名的百老匯 整條街(聽說25公里)都是戲院、劇場、娛樂場所 所以用路名Broadway代替整個wonderful shows 而路名的介系詞是 on. ...

    • 百老匯歌劇院的英文怎麼說??~~~20點呦

      Broadway <<名詞>> 1 百老匯(紐約巿戲院區) on ~ 在...