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  1. Brook Farm

    • ph.
      a historic commune that existed in the 1840s in West Roxbury, now a southwestern section of Boston in Massachusetts, associated with Margaret Fuller and other writers.
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    • 關於高屏溪環境汙染報告 英文翻譯 20點!

      ...great of pollution and effect; also, illegal dumping Brook of upstream also because felled and soil and water conservation... on the river also hinder the flow; shore fish farms caused by pumping ground water salinization...

    • 清秀佳人^^教一下喔~~看不太懂

      ...小捷徑) 12. The girl pointed to one of the farms along a slope beyond the valley below. (這女孩指著在對面的...those trees and flowers and the orchard and the brook. It’s so hard to keep from loving ...

    • 幫我翻譯....突然接到的怪信

      總覺得這封信的英文句子被交錯掉換過了, 應該是傳輸的時候整個資料錯亂...大致看了一下, 沒啥重點, 好像是一些時事或者是報告.