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    • google 有個功能autofill 中文是什麼意思

      ...autofill 隨便打開一個有"自動填入"功能的網頁 2. The autofill button becomes active "自動填入按鈕"即會發生效用 3. autofill highlights any boxes that it can fill in "自動填入功能"會自動列出, 並以...

    • 這裡 HIT 的用法

      圖片參考: The hand/cursor/mouse is "HITTING" the "SEND" button.

    • ●●請問WORD軟體使用技巧?如何使每個有....

      ... access the color of the font, you click on the 'format' button on the lower left corner. then select font. At...... From within Word, select/highlight the section of the text that you want to modify, then select the...