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  1. Canada goose


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    • ~急~返家十萬里(Fly Away Home)

      大意: 一個少了父愛的童年,便得生長在單親家庭的艾美對父親非常的不滿。陌生的環境、喜歡對她大肆批評的同學、以及她的父親─最熟悉的陌生人,身旁的任何人、事、物,對她來說,都成了致命的毒藥。他們像是宇宙裡深不可測的黑洞,而她則是拚命要掙脫吸引力的太空船,孤之...

    • 返家十萬里的英文大意,請幫我檢查(急)

      This is a story about Amy and sixteen geese. Amy moved to Canada with her father because her mother died in a car accident. ...

    • 很急!拜託幫我修改文法,(勿用翻譯軟體)謝謝!

      ... of cheering were tumultuous. At this very moment, Canada manages to get a chance to score at the 9 innings. You can feel the goose bumps that were caused by the tension of the atmosphere, fortunately...