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  1. Champions League

    • ph.
      the major annual competition for soccer clubs in Europe, administered by UEFA.
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    • 貝克漢的個人簡介!!英文的~~要有中文翻譯更好

      ...four players to have appeared 100 times in the UEFA Champions League. Beckham's career began when he signed for Manchester...

    • 麻煩英文高手翻譯一下>0< 感謝

      在match.FC巴塞羅那前鋒賴昂內爾Messi的賴昂內爾Messi 眼淚大腿肌肉撕破左大腿肌肉, 在他的隊的1-0次對在冠軍聯盟的Celtuc的勝利期間在Thusday.Messi上, 那些競爭有6 個目標的主要得分手,拔掉他使的一營運在離開第35 分鐘眼淚那些...

    • 請問英文關係代名詞where

      ... back to the Premier League in 2009 as Football League Championship champions "where they have remained since". where 指 Premier League...